Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Trees . . .

Sunday Trees is something that I started quite sometime ago.  Then I just plain stopped.  Rebecca, bless her beautiful heart, kept them up.  I love trees, they are a joyful expression of nature for me.  Funny, I was on blogger's (forget the name) list of blogs, Blogroll maybe, and Rebecca's blog with Sunday Trees passed by.  It was the first time in forever that I wanted to engage in this particular expression of joy.  Thank you Rebecca!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Deeply Moved . . .

I am so very moved by Mary's poem today that well - I am inspired to write.  And let me just say, she is so right!  If you have not read her poem titled: "Understanding The Void."  And her title was inspired by X's poem: "Understanding The Void."  Please read it too.  It all makes for a wonderful poetic expression.

it was my
job that day
to love you.

i was there
to give you

yes, inhale,
it was imperfect,
but it would help.

I was there to
be an open

open my heart
allow love

to flow
thru me
to you.

love heals
the heart,
mine, yours.

so a
channel of love,
G-ds love,

was what
i was to be.

that your love

flowed back
to me.

through you
my life was
truly blessed

by the love
of more

five hundred
five hundred

men each
of whom
i loved.

when facing
when facing

the only

back then,
long ago and today
was thru love.

the connector
thread from G-d,
to me, to you.

This poem is shared with Poet's United.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Elizabethan Gardens of Manteo, NC

I am in my favorite place upon earth, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I have dearly loved it since coming here for the first time in 1997.  We have been here about 7 - 8 times.  We were last here in 2012.  We generally meet family or friends who stay with us for a part of our week.  A good friend just left today to return home and to work.  It was really good to see him.   I have also always wished to retire here.  Big D wants non of it.  I have long wanted a house down here and each time we come I attempt to get him interested.  Finally this time I have given that notion up.  He has convinced me that at this time in our lives it would be way more work than we need to take on.

It has rained significantly since arriving and it is really, really windy.  We are one house away from the beach.  Each year that we come down we seem to get a little closer.  No matter, if it rains the whole week and it may well do so, we shall have a good time anyway!  Today we went to the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo.  They were incredibly beautiful, true English gardens.

My software for photos on this computer seems to be quite different from my other computer.  The upshot of which is that I hope that I can upload the Elizabethan Garden photos.  This not a poem - but it is poetic.  It is also not the gardens high season . . . but so lovely and serene at this time of year.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Long Journey

the night-rail.  Soft shoed, thin and dazed.

the night-rail.  Silent, somewhat in a haze.

the night-rail.  Yes, she leaves her lover.   Eyes furtive and glazed.

the night-rail.  Now angered, she has woe for those within her gaze.

the night-rail.  Her step quickens.   For no one must be raised.

the night-rail.  Her tears flowing.  The neighbors know.  Twill' be hard to change her ways.

Thank you Tess from Magpie Tales!

A Black Milk War

I have not written in a while.  Time to come back, time to write.  Time to see old friends.   Sumana Roy wrote a powerful poem today speaking of black milk.  She was the first of two poets who wrote of black milk.  They each inspired me to write.  The other wonderful poet and dear friend is Sherry Blue Sky here.  She wrote about the author of the original "Black Milk" poem - Paul Ceran.  I am now, just realizing that this is a Sunday Mini Challenge" so I shall place it where the mini challenge goes at Real Toads

if we know
that "war is hell"


why do we rain
it upon others  (???)

I read two poems

2 - two - TWO - ll
the blogosphere
blacK milK   K
and now,,,,,


the KKK

a black milk
evil ... EVIL ... Evil ... polluted evil
black milk  the kkk a blaCk miLk
gray with LACK

gRAY with l........acK of light
bLaCk mIlK ...&... IT
gRotesQueriE, hidEoUS, filth.
aN evil fRom hell
wAr is a black MILk.
a slime, an evil, a killer
of innocents

waR is THe
of alL HAtes.
Let it GO

The photo below was taken of a B-17 on a bombing run to Germany during WWII.  I found this photo in my father's "Army Air Corps" scrapbook.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Older persons do not for the most part adapt well to change ... just a fact.  So, I up and moved from a neighborhood in which I lived for 31 years, a neighborhood that I loved.  Now the neighborhood had changed radically.  My beloved neighbor on one side died of AIDS.  I was privileged to care for him during his hospitalization.  New neighbors moved in.  Then we had new neighbors down the block.  I became extremely close to that couple.  One of the couple and I are like soulmates in that we never needed to speak to communicate.  And, I adore his partner, we just always had such fun.  They moved to Costa Rica.  That has been so hard.  And the very new neighbors?  Dreadful.

In 2014 we decided that as David was sixty three and I was I was sixty seven, it was time to look for a condo and get out of our 3 story home.  We decided upon one floor, less space and something that cost less money.  After all we were downsizing, right?  I also wanted a doorman.  David wished for indoor parking.  We had always had street parking and he was sick of hacking away at ice and snow during the winter.  I don't blame him one bit.  We moved.

We have a beautiful condo that is larger, more expensive and that sits upon two floors, not one.  It is a penthouse on the seventh floor.  We are one of only fifty-two units.  And, we have a wonderful heated indoor parking garage underneath us with two spots near the garage entry and near the elevator up.  My husband is ecstatic about that.  Well, I am fine with it too.  We have phenomenal views that are ever changing, something we did not have in our house.  And frankly with two decks, one that is tiny (hold the BBQ and a small table with two chairs) and one that is now a huge garden, I can finally say that I am growing into this place.  Being an old lady, I do wish that we had a doorman but we don't.  Yesterday I saw a hummingbird in the tiny red petunias.  What a treat.  We love birds and had so many at our old home. Now we are acquiring more and more here.  I am so pleased.  One of the really cool things that we have this year are grasses.  David has planted three large planters with three different types of grasses.  He loves watching them wave in the wind.

Something else that is fun, is lying in my bed on the second floor during a thunderstorm and watching the storm out of the bank of huge windows (picture windows is the term that comes to mind) that separate me from the deck and compose one wall of my bedroom.  We watch three churches disappear, then the bridge disappears, along with many more sights that come and go according to the storms.  I have decided that sometime I am going to take "a photo a day" of "my" bridge.  St.L is known for having weather that changes radically within twenty minutes.  As a result there are many incarnations of the bridge behind my home that is seen in the distance.  It is fascinating to watch.

I think that I am finally "growing into" my space.  One thing that I love is that we are surrounded by restaurants - all over the place.  We are truly urban, living on Washington Ave which just happens to be the entertainment district here.  We live very near the Convention Center and two blocks out of the night life area.  For that I am glad.  Well all for now.  I shall come and see you so that you shall know where I am.  For those who know me - I took the name from my old Wordpress Blog.  Ah well some things never change.  I have good burgers at the Range - in my neighborhood!